Fighting the COVID-19 Jinkeli in action

Release date: 2020-03-24 browse times:

In front of the disaster, you can find a hero. At the end of January when the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Jinkeli, as a socially responsible enterprise, first donated RMB 600,000  through the Red Cross of Zichuan District to support the anti-epidemic work in Zichuan District and Wuhan. In early February, when medical supplies were very short, 1600 masks were donated to the severely affected Huanggang in Hubei province.
In March, when the domestic epidemic situation in China get better, while the situation abroad turned worse, more than 30,000 masks were decisively purchased and provided free of charge to the customers of India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Morocco, Brazil and other countries and regions to help them fight the epidemic.

For the disaster, we are fighting together. Hope epidemic will come to an end soon.